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Sankara Jyoti Eye Hospital in New Town provides a complete range of services, including:
Vitreo-Retina Service

Best Retina Surgeon in Kolkata

Have you seen flashes of light moving around the eye infront of the retina. These are called Flashes which occurs when vitreous moves around in the eye.

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Cataract Service

Best Cataract Surgeon in Kolkata

In today’s digital media, everyone is probably familiar with the disease entity ‘cataract’. Any opacification of the crystalline lens inside the eye is known as a cataract. There is no particular age for this.

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Glaucoma Service

Best Glaucoma Specialist in Kolkata

Glaucoma is primarily hereditary in nature and can develop in any age group, even though norms suggest it happens in elderly people than younger ones.

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Lasik Service

Refractive surgery

Refractive surgery deals with common problems of the eye which are near sightedness (myopia), far sightedness (hyperopia).

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Comprehensive Opthalmology Service

Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Eye Hospital in New Town

Comprehensive Ophthalmology covers all discipline of general ophthalmology which covers cataract surgery, glaucoma, and retinal surgeries.

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    • 01. Eye Monitoring

      Well equipped with Hi-Tech eye monitoring apparatus to improve your vision.

    • 02. Medical Treatment

      Attached medical store with medicine and spectacles, lenses; for hassle free service.

    • 03. Super Speciality

      Get in touch for the latest treatment for critical eye problem; like, diabetic retinopathy etc.

    • 04. Symptom Check

      Periodical eye testing guidelines to prevent permanent blindness.

    • 05. General Analysis

      General guidelines with basic knowhow, to keep your vision clear.

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our services
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